Democrance partners with insurance companies and mobile network operators in order to help both tap into new customer segments and product opportunities to maximize their revenue streams while increasing customer loyalty to the brands.



Democrance aims to help mobile network operators increase loyalty and revenues from new and existing customers by offering unique life and health insurance programs. These commercial models can be loyalty, freemium or premium-based depending on the strategy of the operator.
Democrance’s services include:

  • Partnership set-up: finding the right insurance partner, managing the negotiations and designing the product and the campaign sequence
  • Program management: implementation and follow-up of each program to ensure established Key Performance Indicators are met throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Financial Technology solutions: access to proprietary Financial Technology tools to manage the insurance program end-to-end


Democrance helps insurers tap into new customers segments by offering industry expertise, project management and Financial Technology solutions tailored to the needs of the historically under-served customers.
Democrance offers services across the value chain:

  • Finding the right distribution partner: identification of most suitable mobile network operator partner and partnership design appropriate for both parties
  • Market research and product design: definition of target market, primary and secondary research, product pricing and actuarial research
  • Sales and distribution: design and implementation of marketing, sales and the distribution of insurance products through proprietary Financial Technology tools
  • Customer service: proprietary Financial Technology applications to manage customer requests and complaints without straining existing insurer operations
  • Claims management: proprietary Financial Technology solutions to manage the claims process end-to-end